PO-100/4: Set of 4 Standard 20" Outriggers. Sold without casters. Casters from stacked section of scaffold also fit outriggers. 
Shipping Weight: 28 lbs. per set.

PO-100: Standard 20" Outrigger, sold alone.  
Shipping Weight: 7 lbs.

Required when platform is 10' or higher from floor. *California OSHA requirements may differ from Federal  OSHA requirements.

GKC-6: 6' Guardrail kit complete with toeboards and brackets. For use with 460 and 660 Scaffolds.  
Shipping Weight: 68 lbs.

GK-6: Guardrail kit without toeboards or brackets.  
Shipping Weight: 68 lbs.

Also sold in 4' and 8' lengths (GKC-4, GK-4, GKC-8, GK-8).

Replacement Guardrail Component Parts:

GRE-2C: End Frame with Chain Midrail
GRE-2S: End Frame with Solid Midrail
GR-6: 6 ft. long Side Rails
TB-100: Toeboard Brackets
ET-2: Toeboard Ends
TS-6: 6 ft. long Toeboard Sides
ID Branding

Ladders and trusses may be branded with your company name, up to 7 characters per brand

Custom Color Powder Coating is also available 
(Please inquire with your distributor.)
Gap Plates and Brackets

Gap Plates and Brackets are available to fill the gap between two scaffolds locked side-by-side.

GP-6:  For use with 2 #PB-300 Brackets to fill the gap between two 6 ft. scaffolds.

GP-8:  For use with 2 #PB-300 Brackets to fill the gap between two 8 ft. scaffolds.

PB-300: These brackets work to create a surface platform two scaffolds wide.  Lock the scaffolds side-by-side using two brackets (one at each end), then add a Gap Plate to fill the space. (2 required)

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GKC-6: Guardrail Kit Complete Shown
GK-6: Guardrail Kit Shown